Alamak Internet offers a unique combination of services to meet needs of businesses wanting to advertise and sell products through the World Wide Web. In short we provide all the same services as other web developers but with the distinct advantage that w e have more than 20,000 people hit the entry pages to Alamak Internet Chat each and every day and can use these hits to market products for client companies.

Advertisements for products or services can be run on the chat entry page as well as a graphical icon in the chat itself linked to additional informational pages displayed. Using our point of sale (POS) software and secure web server customers can pay and instantly receive service or get confirmation of order online without worry of fraud.

Alamak Internet has the latest Point Of Sale (POS) technology and are able to process credit card payments for client companies doing online sales or Alamak Internet chat Operator applications in under 15 seconds. We provide computing resources and pro gramming expertise to companies wanting to setup online sales as part of our web services. Click HERE to see an example of the secure server and instant credit processing at work!

Our web development team has won many awards for thier sensational looking pages and page development is a base $40 per page with additional programming at $35/hr. If you'd like to see an example of our latest demo project see http://www.alamak.com/corpdemo. All cgi programs developed by Alamak Internet including a Conference Room (a modification of "HackChat" our most heavily requested release).

Web Page hosting is available for business at $30/mo. with a 5MB disk space limit and includes email, ftp, telnet, and PPP dialup access for $30 per month.

Alamak Interent Chat has been in existence for more than 10 months and has an established reputation for reliable service, easy to use format. Chat users come from a wide variety of age groups and Alamak Internet support constructive discussion in a friendly atmosphere.

Our web servers are connected to the network by a direct T1 at 1.5Mbit/sec. We chose to use a direct T1 rather than frame relay so to reduce latency on and allow full use of the rated bandwidth, 1.5Mbit/sec.

To find out about chat related services please see What is an Operator?, How Can I Become An Operator? and Operator Application. For chat Operator application by regular mail try Operator Application (mail).

To arrange advertising contact:

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Office (206) 441 7065
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