What's New at Alamak?

Recently development has been proceeding very rapidly and so it's time to tell you the exiting new things we are doing!!!


Alamak Link Exchange

Alamak Link Exchange provides you with the opportunity to display a link to your business or personal pages.



Free Homepages from Alamak

Freepage from Alamak featuring:
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OOB / WinNuke Info

By using a special program, malicious people can crash any Windows 3.11/95/NT machine without a fix that is on the internet. See our OOB informational link and learn how to get the fix.



New Page Layout

The Alamak pages have been redesigned with a fresher, cleaner look, and the pages are (we hope) more simple and easier to navigate.

Alamak Banners

Grab some banners for your homepage and let everyone know where to find the coolest chat on the internet! Simply save and link to http://www.alamak.com.



Web Relay Chat

The current state of Web Chat is that each user posts a line and the server must then send the whole page back everytime. This is inefficient and slow for chatting across long distances like overseas. So we have developed a system where local users connec t to an Alamak Chat Server locally and then that chat server talks using a condensed protocol to other servers in the "relay pool". The performance on our relay averages about 2 seconds delay between servers which is at least 15 times faster than traditional direct web connection to a server located far away ( as in a user in United States using the Singapore Server ). This means a user in United States can hit post, get a fast response from the local server and be assured that they see chat posts less than 3 seconds old from users as far away as Singapore,

For best efficiency and LEAST LAG users should use the SERVER CLOSEST TO THEM or just find the one that is fastest for you! Since servers #2 #SG and #4 are all linked into one relay chat there is really no point for Singapore users to be u sing server #2 or #4 and visa versa for non-Singapore users to use server #SG. The rules will also apply when we setup server #AU in Australia.

Relay servers show the number of seconds since last message recieved from remote relay servers at the top of the page. Usually this value is between 0 and 2 seconds but can be as much as 60 and still be within tolerance ( no messages lost ). This could happen due to transient network disruption in which case each server saves the last 60 seconds of outgoing information and sends this out when the network becomes available.

One of the main reasons we put a server in Singapore was to develop this technology under extreme conditions of a long distance and proove the theory. This devlopment means we can link multiple ssrvers into one huge relay pool with thousands of chatte rs simultaneously.

Multiple servers on multiple networks adds redundancy, if one of our servers or networks go down the others will still be up and running providing service. Our task is to make sure you as a clients know where those backup servers are in case our main information pages ever go down.

As of ( 25 / 7 / 97 ) the relay performace is rock solid and we have just negotiated a reasonable agreement with an Australian company and plan to install a new server. This new server should join the relay in less than 2 weeks!

We are the only company to develop Web Relay Chat and will be the only company to have an International presence with servers on 3 different continents. One of the main reasons we were able to develop this is because chat is our main service and we foc us on providing the best chat services possible.

| Server #2 | Server #SG | Server #4 |


Chat Registration ( 8 / 15 / 97 )

This is a new system where regular chatters can registere up to 2 nicknames bper email address. FAke email addresses are not allowed. These users can get past address bans on the chat but can be banned by nick bans. This means innocent users who get banned can still get in, and registered users can be held responsible for actions on the chat by removal of registered login and preventing new registratiuon by associated email address.

Proxy has been infamous in it's use to get around address bans but with the new registration we can force users to turn off proxy or force proxy users to register.

Registered users can stil use proxy since they are banned by nickname.



HackChat was originally develped as a more advanced frames based chat. The aim of HackChat is the make chatting as simple, natual, and effortless as possible. This chat does use JavaScript. Due to broken or poor event handling with non-Netscape browsers we could not achieve satisfactory results with advanced features. This shouldn't stop you from trying it though, it has a non-frames ( Traditional Alamak Style ) compatible interface too!

One powerfull features of HackChat is it's private message windows, you can open multiple seperate windows and set each one to send messages to another user. All your messages will be colored the same as your /font settings. It saves the last 10 lines of both outgoing and incomming messages for that user with no time limit! If you get a new message while chatting in the main window the seperate message window will auto-refresh ( both frames and non-frames interface ) to notify you that you have a new m essage!

HackChat main window has an adjustable auto-refresh for the frames based version. If you don't want refesh just set the rate with /speed 999 ( refresh every 999 seconds ). Auto-refresh is not feasible with the non-frames interface since it would destroy your input if it auto-refreshes before you are done typing you line.

Additionally, some users have expressed dissatifaction that people can effectively "buy" into power and Ops status is not always based on reputation among others. So, in HackChat users must be granted to use Ops powers and this grant it on a per room basis. Kicks and Bans are also on a per room basis. The first user in a room is automatically granted and if all users in a room loose thier grant the first one to type /grant will be granted by the server. Paying Alamak Ops do get some special benifits such that they can /grant themself for a room at any time and can run server wide /kick, /ban, and room clear commands

Paying Ops do not show up with special marks in HackChat, If you are granted it shows up as an asterisk on a /who listing. With this system Ops can chat like any regular user without being accused of being part of an elitest group, and regular users can be just like any other Operator where grant is likely to be given based on a users reputation and conduct.

HackChat does not have as many color options such as //fade and per word modifications like our regular chat servers but you can set your font color once with /font and then all your messages including private will automatically show up in that color. This helps you keep track of users you are talking to and skip over the other postings you are less interested in.

Many HackChat funtions are built into clickable links, so if you forget, just click on the H link for Help then click on the command you want and you're done! In many cases you don't even have to type the command. To change rooms just click on the L fo r list then click on the room you want to join.

Excitiing new Email function. HackChat as an E link for Email function where it opens a form where you can dump your list of email friends and it will automatically parse this list and efficently send out email notifying them to meet you in HackChat. T his notification contains a link so with ONE CLICK they can be in the room with you!

That's another policy of HackChat, ONE CLICK ENTRY. You can even set up a URL in you hotlist to automatically log you in as Ops if you are sure you computer is secure!

| HackChat |


Free Guestbooks

Alamak has been offering Free Guestbook services starting in June, check it out at Free Guestbooks.


New Dungeon Images

Installation is still pending game server modifications to be compatible with new image format, should take a few days.

If you haven't tried Dungeon aka CyberMyst lately you might want to try, it's changed radically over the 3 months including addtion of currency, spells, user states, and special powers.

| CyberMyst |


New Network and Server #4

By middle of July we had a new network installed doubling our capacity and a new server #4 up and running. This server is now linked with servers #2 and #SG in the relay pool. This new network has better connectivity to the NCI, Sprint, and UUNet backbone s while the original network is mostly Sprint with a lower capacity UUnet crosslink. The maximum capacity on both lines should be the same and we run the networks separately with no crossfeed.

For best efficiency and LEAST LAG users should use the SERVER CLOSEST TO THEM or just find the one that is fastest for you! Since servers #2 #SG and #4 are all linked in relay there is really no point for Singapore users to be using serve r #2 or #4 and visa versa for non-Singapore users to use server #SG. The rules will also apply when we setup server #AU in Australia.

| Server #4 Chat | Server #4 Ops |


Stability Improvements / Upgrades

There are hundreds of hidden modifications but to mention a few major ones.

Major changes were made to all server kernel configurations and recompiled with corresponding changes to chat server code which should mostly eliminate Server Error. The exceptions are when the server is being rebooted and when it's shut down for code upgrade.

These changes should also solve any lag associated with our web server, I've noticed improvements. Lags are usually due to transient network failures outside of our control and if you experience alot you may want to talk to your service provider. Another option would be to try one of our other Alamak Chat servers which may be closer to you on the net.

As of Friday Jul 24th, I noticed it the server log that Server #1 was going down ( crashing ) about once a day and as much as 2 or 3 times a day. Code was moved from server #2 which is much more stable ( runs for a week at a time ) and then converted to Server #1 type. So you may notice that Server #1 acts more iike the relay servers now. Bans and kicks on server #1 can be made from any room but this is pending staff discussion on the policy.

Color code was upgraded and fixed on all 4 servers. If a line is more than 1024 characters per word modiciations will not be done though the line will be printed with all the funky looking word modication codes. If it is less than 1024 charcters the wo rd modications will be allowed. If there are no per word modifications but the whole line is colored or bold for example there is no limit on the posting lenght other than normal chat limit. The limit on length is to prevent a server error effect with man y per word modifications on one line ( not a real server error since it only affects the one room where posted ).

A "W" link was added to Server #1 for "Window". This will open a new window without the traditional toolbar at the top of the page, leaving you more room for actual chat. It was further modified today to set scrollbars=yes to make sure you get scrollba rs and a auto-jump to bottom feature added. If this jump to bottom feature bothers anyone ( we used to have it before ) let the office know and we'll see ahout removing it or making it a toggle option.


New Office

The time finally came when my old roomates didn't like the new staff running rampant through their living space and we had to get an actual office! It increases our overhead but beats having the staff locked out at un-expected times!



Anthony Cole ( silent partner ) ... has been very silent, Who knows where he is, possibly lost in the Jungles of South America?

John Saario ( myself ) ... programming, development, system admin, and currently due to staff downgrades I'm handling accounts as well.

I'd also like to thank all committee members and Ops for thier participation and work helping to keep Alamak Chat atmospher clean and friendly.


Suggestions : com@www.alamak.com