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Alamak CCBilling Secure Upload
If your credit card billings has been rejected for security reasons (risky return codes returned by Worldpay) you can request us to manually settle the transaction and add your account here!

If the above has occured your probably recieved an approved email from Worldpay and your account showed the money had been debited but Alamak said 'not approved' and we did not add your account. Basically the transaction is in limbo, we are authorised to debit but will not do so for security. If we do not settle the transaction the money will re-appear on your credit card within 7 days.

What we need is some security that the transaction will not be disputed later it must be completed before the 7 days timeout. Please upload your info within 3 calendar days of the original transaction or we may not be able to clear it and you will have to start all over again.

Take a digital photo or scan of the following and upload them here with your cart_id and transaction_id. For your security this form is encrypted same as our regular secure credit card processing form. Please note, we are not asking for text, we want you to fill out the follow then scan or take a digital photo and upload the images.
  1. Have the cardholder fill out and sign the agreement at the bottom of the next page and upload here as an image.
  2. An image of the front of the credit card with the card number, cardholder's name, and card expiration date.
  3. An image of the back the credit card with the signature visible. You may cover the 3 digit security code on the back of the card.
  4. An image of the cardholders ID, Drivers License or Passport.
All must be readable images, you may combine the images as long as all of the above info has been included.

We will only complete one transaction per entry. Also, if two transactions are similar we will ignore the duplicate entries.

Please Enter your CartID and Transaction ID to proceed to contract and upload page.

Cart ID 
Transaction ID