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Alamak BlackJack
How to Play
BlackJack is down. We are rewriting the code to run independent of the chat server so as not to slow down the chat with game code.

How to Play
To play BlackJack just login to any of our chat servers and type /bl that is a '/' slash then lowercase BL. You will be put into the first blackjack table with less than 7 players. Or, you can type /bl 5 for example to start a game at table 5.

Once you are in the game there are some sort cut command available which don't require typing a slash AND/OR you can simply click on the links provided.

You can also join the room BlackJack to see what other players are doing as they play.

Game Objective
BlackJack is a betting game, so you must first place a bet. Alamak Operators (members) start with \$150 credit and regular users start with \$50 credit.

Once all players active at the table have placed bets the cards will be dealt. The dealer will deal himself 2 cards with one card remaining hidden. All other players are dealt 2 cards face up.

Each card has a value and the object is to get a higher total than the dealer without going over 21. If you go over 21 you 'bust' and loose the hand and your bet. If you are lower than the dealer you also loose the hand and your bet. If both you and the dealer have the same value it's called a 'push' and you don't win or loose any credit. If you win the dealer will pay you equal to the amount of your bet. A BlackJack wins over 21 and is a combination of an Ace and any 10 value card ( 10 Jack Queen or King ) and if you winning a BlackJack will pay 1 1/2 times your bet.

If you loose all your money, you can just quit the game and start again, or wait for the security to escort you out of the casino.

Game Terminology
Hit - take another card
Stand - will not take any more cards for that hand
Double Down - you will double you bet and only take one more card for that hand
Split> - you split two similar cards to seperate hands with the same value bet on each hand

With a split you basically double your bet and play each hand seperately. You can split any pair of cards or any two 10 value cards ( 10 J Q K ).

Card Values
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5
- 6
- 7
- 8
- 9
- 10
- 10
- 10
- 10
- 1 or 11
Note that an Ace can count as a 1 or 11, so a 6 + Ace could be either a total of 7 or 17 and this is called a 'soft 17'. Note that 5 + Ace + Ace is also a 'soft 17'. On the other hand a 6 + Ace + Jack could only be 17 since if the Ace was counted as an 11 you'd have 27 and exceed 21, this is also called a hard 17. You can also have a soft 16 for example but 17 is important because in most casino the rule is the dealer must keep drawing cards till he has 17 or more, and must hit on a soft 17. A hit means take another card.

/bl         Begin the game at first available table
/bl 5       Begin the game and join table 5 if there is room at the table
/bl join 2  Change tables to table 2, you can use join [0-9]
/bl quit    Quit the game
score       Show game scores
bet 1 5     Bet \$5 on hand 1
bet 2 10    Bet \$10 on hand 2, the following commands also work when playing a second hand
bet done    Done betting, deal the cards if other players are ready
hit 1       Hit on hand 1
stand 1     Stand on hand 1
double 1    Double Down on hand 1
split 1     Split hand 1

Once you are in the game you can click on links or type commands. Note that you don't have to use /bl for some of the commands once you have already started to play. There are also links in the game for betting hitting standing etc if you prefer to just use the mouse.

Dealer Rules
A deck of cards consists of 4 suits Spades Hearts Clubs and Diamonds with each suit made up of 13 cards ( Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King ). A deck has a total of 52 cards.

The Dealer in Alamak BlackJack randomly shuffles 4 decks and draws cards from the deck till there is less than 52 cards before reshuffling again. This means it's just like a real casino game, if all the Ace's are used up no more Aces will appear till the deck is reshuffled.

The Dealer must hit with an value less than or equal to 16.
The Dealer must stand on a hard 17 or greater and hit on a soft 17 (Ace+6 Ace+Ace+5 Ace+2+4 ...)

Alamak BlackJack uses standard casino rules and drawing 5 cards does not automatically count as a win!

The Dealer does not cheat. Currently there is only one dealer for all tables aka Bad Bob and dealing is entirely random, ergo he doesn't have any programmed abliity to cheat or to be unlucky. If you play blackjack in a casino you will notice that some dealers are very lucky, others are unlucky, it's your job to know which is which and when to walk away after the casino changes dealers on you *wink*.

BlackJack General
To speed up play, players may hit in any order.

Alamak Ops may play two hands, regular users one hand unless they split a pair.

It is considerate when playing at a table with other players to type or click the BET DONE link after making bets. This lets the server know you are ready. Once everyone is ready or the time limit reached the cards are dealt. For the same reason it is more considerate to hit stand etc rather than making all players wait for the time limit. If you go idle for more than one hand the server will not consider you when waiting for bets.

If you win or push, the bet is let ride. This means it stays on the table and is used as the bet for the next hand. You can click the \$0 bet option to collect your money during the betting phase of the game or quit the game and the credit will be saved for your next game (Ops only).

The best way to get ahead is to join an empty table and make large bets till you get a winning streak, then start to play more carefully.

Scores are saved. An Ops score is the total current credit. For non-Ops they must start over everytime with \$50 so we only keep the highest score attained with any single nickname. If another person uses the same nick the score is not saved if it's lower than the previous score.

If you bet more than \$500 your hand results will be displayed in the room where you are chatting as well as in the BlackJack room.

Note that the game DOESN'T support insurance or surrender.