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Direct Referral Marketing
The Products

The products sold by direct referral marketing are limited edition coins and other gold and/or silver products with a real value on the precious metals market.

These products sell themself and impress people, mint quality limited edition coins with that hefty weight of gold. The weight of gold my hand has always impressed me, that such a small shiny thing can be so heavy.

Everyone knows what gold is, gold has value in all countries of the world and it literally sells itself!

The Products Real Value

These products are pure 24K gold limited mintage. This means not everyone can have them, only those who get them when they are avaiable! If they want them later they will have to pay more!

The coins sold are limited edition with at most having 10000 to 25000 copies. Ones like the Australian Nugget change design every year! Personally, I prefer the one ounce gold coin products over the watches because I know they will go up in value and still I have the hard value of the gold! If you check the precious metals market you will see that gold by itself is currently around $300 per ounce.

These are mint quality coins. If you are a coin collector you know if you want to get a rare coin the better condition it is in ( less scratches and other signs of damage ) the more it is worth. If you want to go and buy from a coin dealer a mint quality dime for this year, fresh and un-scratched and undamaged by oil from human hands, it will cost you at least twice the value of the coin itself, 20 cents! By comparison, if these coins are worth $300 in gold, then they are worth at least double that!

So if you were to melt down your 'limited edition rare' gold coin you will still be able to sell the pool of metal you are left with for USD $300. Isn't that correct? But would you take your dress and cut it up to sell it for the pieces of cloth? No you wouldn't!!!

These coins will go up in value!!! For example, one of the products is the official Sydney Olympic Game series which there are only 10,000 copies made. The first series of is sold out and went for $700 and is now worth $1500! Estimates from collectors say that this will be worth $12,000 in 5 more years! Compare this with the Malaysian Commonweath Games series which sold 2 years ago cost $300 and now is worth ten times that value or $3,000!!!

These Olympic Coin Sets begin release 2 years before the olympic games. The first few sets have already sold out! What I am saying is that these are limited edition collectors items and that even though the Olympic Coin Set doesn't have alot of gold ( 10 oz gold coin plus 2 1 oz silver coins ) it has already increased in value!

Another bit of information which I was informed recently is that the Pope Coin will be release $5,000 copies per year for 2 years only! Not only that but the Pope Coin is 1oz 99.99% pure 24 carat gold and it is going for only $770 full price or $370 if you prefer to partial payment plan.


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