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Direct Referral Marketing
Alamak Gold Team

Alamak has a business proposal for you! What if I tell you that you can help Alamak Chat, help other people, make money, and get free Ops all at the same time? Would you be interested?

Alamak has always had the highest standards and credibility for our services, our aim is to benifit people and bring them together in a friendly chat environment. We originally started as a free chat but with heavy demand for bigger faster machines and more network bandwidth our operating costs made this impossible. But still if you look at Alamak today, 90% of the people chatting there are chatting for free .. we are giving away 90% of everything we earn. So my point is that by helping Alamak you also help other people.

We understand that many of you support the chat by paying for Ops and work hard to keep the chat friendly and fend of the abusers. We'd now like to see some of those who are trying hard for the chat to also make something out of it at the same time.

In this proposal the rewards go to those who put the most effort, admittedly you might not have to put much effort but you will have to put some. Those who put more effort make more money and get more free months in Alamak. Any person will be able join a new infrastruture within Alamak called Alamak GoldTeam.

GoldTeam members will earn free months on thier Ops accounts as they put in more effort. Actually, most of the effort is at the beginning, once started the money will come in due to others getting referrals.

We no longer give extra level for signup to the Gold Team, sorry but a couple cases of abuse and squabbling over the levels with the GoldTeam makes it not practical. And GoldTeam members before Sept 13 2000 will retain thier levels as per the original offer.

We do not accept cash payments of any kind to increase levels and account transfer is not allowed.

The reason we have made this offer are as follows.

  1. Establish a secondary source of income to support the chat.
  2. See those who benifit the chat get rewarded for thier effort.

Realize that those who join the GoldTeam and reach committee level will be warned three times by the main office after which they can be removed from the 'GoldTeam' and will no longer get free acount time for referrals.

Note : Even though we can remove abusive individuals from the GoldTeam after 3 warnings they will still have Tracking Centers and earn profits.

Remember again this is a people helping people business. In fact if you look at the system completely you will see those at the top help those at the bottom as well as helping themselves at the same time. I have investigated this marketing plan using math in detail and I have confirmed that this marketing plan is stable.

If you are still skeptical you can look at this in another light. Think of it like Alamak Chat now has a sponsor. This sponsor will pay our bills so that I will have more time to concentrate on programming, upgrades, new services, new games, and to make sure everything runs more smoothly. In return you and Alamak are helping our sponsor market thier products. The great thing is the more you help the sponsor the more reward for you and for Alamak.

Alamak's target is to get 50 or 100 people around the world to join in the Gold Team. Gold Team members will then get referrals from thier own countries or the internet. They don't have to join Gold Team to participate in the GoldQuest referral business!

We will not accept any cash offers for level increase. The point of this offer it to tap the potential behind the referrals business and in the Gold Team members getting referrals.

What is it?

Alamak has joined forces with a company promoting Gold Products.

The way it works is that we refer you to buy products. You then refer others to buy products. For every successfull referral you get credit and we in turn get credit as well. Once you get enough referrals 5 on the left side and 5 on the right side of your Tracking Center you will be paid a commission check of USD $400 from GQI.

Those people who you refer will now also get more referrals. It is possible that you only get 2 successful referrals and those who you referred will do the rest.

If you initially only make a partial payment your balance will be subtracted from your first commission check at which point you recieve the product. If you paid full price for the products you get it right away.

As you get more referrals you add them below your previous referrals helping them to get points, you also get points. Alamak will be doing the same thing for you cutting down the number of referrals you need to get a commission check. Additionally those who you referred will be getting more referrals below you which will help you get a commission check. This is why I said it is a people helping people business.

GoldQuest employs alot of anti-pyramiding techniques by their choice of products, a $2400 max payout per cycle, a 30 + 30 flushing rule, etc.

This is not a pyramid scheme for two reasons. It doesn't fit the 3 rules to qualify as a pyramid scheme by law and due to inbuilt anti-pyramiding controls this marketing plan is stable. This is a referral marketing plan simply to distribute products. No matter how many products are distributed all participants will still be paid commission due and the parent company will still make a profit of 27% or more.

GoldQuest sells limited edition gold coins and jewlery which will go up in value. For example, if you bought the Olympic Set 18 months ago and you never got any referrals you would have then paid full price of $700. This set is now worth $1500 and in 5 years it is estimated it will be worth $12,000. This is what makes the GoldQuest system is perfect, even if you don't do any sales you still won't loose!

It is best to think of this as a commission sales or franchise business. Most commission sales does not require the salesperson to buy products but any franchise business ( thinking of a few fast food chains, coffee shop chains etc ) do require the business owner to pay either a lump sum or an annual franchise license. Notice that your first purchase from GoldQuest is the same as a one time franchise fee.

I don't really want to go into the full details of the business since this page is dedicated to the GoldTeam proposal. You can see the rest of our site for more info on the business, products, strategy, and how to signup!

We need GoldTeam members from every country around the world! This is a good business, it will help you and it will help Alamak! You can signup by sending Bank Draft or Telegraphic Transfer or Credit Card using the Signup Form.

Gold Team Proposal

Alamak is offering the following incentives to join this marketing plan. The plan is excellent by itself but we feel a little extra incentive added, to help those who are helping us, is deserved.

Purchase 3 Gold Products

To join the Alamak GoldTeam and be eligible for increased free ops. Ops you must purchase 3 Gold products. We are promoting 3 products because with this structure you will get double credit for all referrals, remeber referrals can be directly by you or indirectly by those you referred.

Once payment is confirmed by GQI you will get ...

  1. Six months credit on your existing Ops account or a new account for 6 months.

Purchase 2 Gold Products

Some people would prefer mid range offers so we also have incentives for those who buy fewer products. Remember it is better to buy 3 because it reduces the work you need to do to get a payout.

  1. Three months credit on your existing Ops account or a new account for 3 months.

Purchase 1 Gold Product

Our lowest offer but preferable to some, you can always add more products later and upgrade to the other package and we'll give you the same deal by crediting you the difference in account time and level.

  1. Three months credit on your existing Ops account or a new account for 3 months.

Qualify Your TC's

For each product you get a tracking center. To qualify you must get 5 referrals on the left and 5 referrals on the right side of each tracking center.

For each TC that qualifies you will get ...

  1. You also get commission payment from GQI when you qualify.
  2. We will give you 1 more free month on your account each time a TC gets 5 new referrals left and 5 new referrals right.

When all 3 TC's qualify

Once all 3 TC's have qualified we will credit your account with 6 months Ops. This only applies when you have 3 or more TC's.

When all 3 TC's qualify you get ...

  1. Six additional months on your Alamak Ops account.
  2. GoldQuest pays you $400 or $400 in a cycle product.

Additional Steps

This applies for anyone in Gold Team with 1, 2, 3, or more TC's.

As you pass additional steps on any TC you get ...

  1. 1 extra month on your Ops account.

Abuse and Removal Conditions

If any GoldTeam member is found to be abusive Alamak will issue 3 warnings before taking action. We are not required to show proof of the abuse but we will investigate thourghly. If the warnings do not solve the problem the GoldTeam member will be cancelled.

We have no control of Tracking Centers. If we cancel a GoldTeam member they will no other get free months added to thier account, they may be suspended, though TC's will still earn profits from the GQI referral business.

You can signup by sending Bank Draft or Telegraphic Transfer or Credit Card using the Signup Form.

You Have Questions?

If you have more questions please look at the rest of our online site using the links to the left. If you still have questions then email me at

Alamak Internet is an
Independent Representative
of Gold Quest International