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Alamak Kick and Ban Policy

Please remember, we are a friendly chat. Sometimes a kind word or a bit of understanding conversation can make a potentially abusive chatter instead be a welcome additon to the Alamak community and that there is no substitute for common sense!

Users are entitled to thier own opinions and enjoyment of the chat. Use sound judgement and don't let your personal feelings interfere with your decisions. We want to keep this chat a friendly place, if a user is just being antagonistic then you should kick them off the chat. We don't need this sort of hostility on the chat as it makes everyone's experience here unpleasant. Make sure though that you don't kick someone for presenting a different point of view. Constructive arguement fosters and intellectual atmosphere which we'd like to see more of on the chat. Alamak fully supports freedom of speech ... as long as it is to a constructive end.

Make sure you are fair and make impartial decisions and support free exchange of ideas within the law. Harrassment, foul language, public vulgarity, illegal subject matter, insults, and bigotry should not be tolerated.

Don't let users bully you! Chat policies are clearly stated on the regular user login page. Don't argue with people using FOUL LANGUAGE or OFFENSIVE NICKNAMES, /kick or /ban them with an explaination. If the offense seems minor or an isolated case a warning may be more appropriate than a /kick or /ban.

Disagreements between Operators should be resolved by private message or in a private room with other Operators to moderate. Public criticism between Operators is strongly discouraged. Kick and Ban wars will not be tolerated and your account may be removed if you are involved in kick and ban wars no matter who started it.

Operators are not required to kick or ban anyone since the main point here is to have fun. Operators who do not want to police should not defend thier friends who are not following chat policies. If you do have a conflict with an Operator who is fairly enforcing chat policies you may be suspended on recommendation by the Operator Committee.

Harrassment or promotion of illegal activities is forbidden throughout the chat. This means if you are carrying out any kind of illegal activity or promoting illegal activity in a private room and you summon someone in, expect to loose your Ops privledges. This includes promotion of illegal substances as long as the law still says they are illegal for anyone in the room to consume. This also includes kiddie porn or talking dirty to someone underage.

Use of the chat or other pages at this site for commercial or non-commercial promotion or advertisement without prior explicit agreement by Alamak is not allowed. Posting ads or links for other commercial services ( including other chats ) without explicit written consent of Alamak is not permitted.

Hostile, insulting, or harrassing behavior is not allowed and you will be kicked or banned from the chat.

Posting multiple duplicate messages or excessive random garbage to a room is termed flooding uses bandwidth and server cpu time for no good reason and is grounds for a kick or in extreme cases /ban.

Reposting of private messages in public is rude and is grounds for kicking. If you do not like the private messages a person is sending and continue to send after you have asked them to stop you can /forward them to an Operator. Or better yet just /ig ignore them.

Kicking for CAPS is not allowed.

Kicking for GHOST nicks is not allowed, no exceptions, many users come on posing that they have gotten disconnected to get another user they don't like kicked off or they want to get the nick the other users has. Only Operators can reserve nicks and Ops shouldn't help regular users to steal a nick away from someone who had it first that day.

Going from room to room advertising for cybersex is not allowed, initially give a warning to the person to take it private and then kick or ban as needed.

Users and Ops are not allowed to publically post links on thier name or with the /http /img or /pic command or pass out the URL to pornographic sites or sites with sex related content.

Kick or ban for asking for c-sex in private is not valid! Even kick and ban when someone asks for c-sex in pm should think about it and use your own judgement, at least the person asked rather than just started, so give them a chance to go on thier way by letting them know with a firm, "no and don't bother me with it again". The only exceptions here would be the teens rooms, there it's clearly a good idea to kick for asking for c-sex from users who are clearly under legal age.

Foul language, descriptions of gentilia, action performed on gentilia, or c-sex in un-locked rooms is not allowed and users will be kicked off or banned from the chat for this type of behavior.

Use of vulgar nickname or language on the chat is prohibited and since there is a notice on the user login page of these policies no warning should be required and you will be banned. We have many underage users on the chat so conversation in "public" rooms must be acceptable to all parents of such children. Please think before you type.

Kicking or banning with the reason ( vulgar language in private messages ) is NOT valid. It's widely practised but you can't validate it, usually this is kicking for personal reasons possible Ops abuse. Additionally, many users are smart to the system and like to frame people they don't like to get them kicked or banned. Unless it's an extreme case, vulgar language in pm is not a kick or bannable offense. What a responsible Op would do, is ask the person to stop and not do it again, if they continue though asked to stop it is considered harrassment and you should kick or ban for the reason of harrassement. Additionally sometimes a persons judgement of what is vulgar is a-bit out of whack and is just looking to get the person kicked for thier own amusement.

Words like hell, damn, pissed, or ass are acceptable unless they are used in insulting context.

The words "shit" "fuck" or thier derivatives as well as words and phrases describing gentalia or actions performed on gentalia are not allowed. As an example saying "my job sucks" is acceptable while using the word "suck" in other contexts may be grounds for a /kick or /ban.

For minor problems you might message the person to cool down. For a room wide problem use a /bold warning. If that doesn't solve it start kicking and banning.

It is best to make your own decisions or check with other Operators to get a second opinion. You can provide an explaining when you do your kick or ban to reduce the questions by other users about your actions, and don't allow yourself to get sucked into an arguement about free speech and so on. This is the internet but the machine that this chat runs on is owned by Alamak and since we are pay the bills we have the right to make the rules.

Banning should only be used in extreme cases. A ban prevents all users matching the address ban from using the entire chat. Both nick and address bans are supported at this time. When banning by nickname the server figures out what would be a good address ban places the ban and kicks the user off the chat. You can not use a nick ban unless the user is actually on the chat. Since many users have several accounts address bans are most effective if you use less that the full address. A good rule of thumb is if it is an IP address like remove everything after the last period inclusive. So an address ban like "/ban 134.34.15" might work well. Address bans ban the address but do not kick anyone off the chat and so is most effective when used with the /kick command.

The /ban command should be used as a very last resort only. Remember, personal conflicts should not be resolved by the use of these commands or the threat of use. Use of this command should be restricted to cases of harrassment or refusing to cooperate and stop behavior that is offensive the majority of users.

If you have questions about commands please check the help pages,the /help command, and other Operators before sending email.

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