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FTP HOWTO / How to Put a Picture Online

Anonymous ftp of raw .gif or .jpg files is allowed to chat.alamak.com all other file formats are deleted without even being considered! If you can't convert it then don't submit it because we wont do it for you!

Pictures must be sent by ftp and be recieved in binary gif or jpg format and less than 50KB in size. All other files or pornographic files will be deleted. Alamak is not a repository for random pictures your grab off the net but a place for chat users to put pictures of themselves or artwork of thier own creation. Email containing attached pictures are also deleted without exception.

Currently we allow any users to put pictures here for use in the chat. What this does is allow you to use the /pic command to turn your nickname blue so that when someone else clicks on it they can see your picture. To get a picture you must get a photo scanned into the computer. If you can not find a place to do this for a resonable price we can do it here if you send your picture along with a check for $20 US dollars. This will give you a 3 month operator account and we will also scan the picture into the computer and put it in the proper place so you can use the /pic command. If you already have it scanned you just need to upload it in raw binary gif or jpg format into the incoming ftp directory. FTP means file transfer protocol and there are many different programs that can be used to transfer files. You can not send file with netscape or other web browsers and so must use a ftp program.

With a PC there is a free program called ws_ftp.zip that works quite well and you can usually get this from a winsock archive with your browser at http://www.tucows.com. Note if you don't have decompression software you will also need PKUNZIP to extract the ws_ftp zip archive. Tell ws_ftp to connect to chat.alamak.com and check the anonymous box so that you do not need a login or password. When the connection is made use the top right box to select incoming and click ChDir. Then use the top left box to change directories and find your picture in the lower box. Click the arrow to transfer the file to the right side (to alamak) then close the connection and exit the program.

On a Mac you can use fetch, connect to chat.alamak.com with anonymous login, change to the incoming directory. Then on the top menu select send files or directories, it will ask you what mode and you should use RAW BINARY. Then select the picture file and send it. Close the connection and exit.

If you already have the file in a unix shell account you can use ftp there by typing "ftp chat.alamak.com" login : anonymous password : your@email.address. Then type "cd incoming" then "binary" then "send filename.gif" then "exit" or "bye" to close the connection. ncftp another common unix ftp program will log in anonymously for you and set the type as binary. Just type "ncftp chat.alamak.com" then "cd incoming" then "send filename.gif". Make sure you use "quit" or "close" to exit the connection and not leave it hanging!

I move the files over every couple days when I notice that a few have been uploaded. You will then be able to set the image in the chat with the commmand "/pic filename.gif" or "/pic filename.jpg".


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